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BoothCrawler for Staffing and Recruiting Leads

BoothCrawler is used as a recruiting tool by staffing firms and recruiters for candidate sourcing as well as to locate new clients for placement contracts. There are a lot of services out there which attempt to meet the needs of this industry and provide recruiter leads, such as Jigsaw and LinkedIn, yet all of these are missing the one thing that only the BoothCrawler recruiting tool provides… the detailed information contained on an actual business card. Business cards contain complete titles and complete contact information such as email address, direct numbers, and cell phone numbers. The information contained in the BoothCrawler database is the exact information found on the business card, no incorrect, exaggerated, or shortened titles that are found with other services and recruiter tools.

BoothCrawler is an essential tool for any passive sourcing strategy because it allows the user to recruit the best of the hard to find passive candidates. The database is a great recruiter tool to source passive candidates who are not actively looking for a new position, but are the top in their field. BoothCrawler contains business cards from the top sales, marketing, and technical people who have been selected by their company to represent them at industry specific trade shows throughout the country. The executive business cards in the BoothCrawler database can also help recruiters get past “gatekeepers” and land new placement contracts by using the direct contact information of the decision maker.

BoothCrawler for Channel and VAR Recruitment

As any successful channel program director can tell you, recruiting the wrong channel partners is the single most significant point of failure for most channel initiatives and recruiting the right channel partners is fundamental to the successful expansion and operation of any channel partner program. Channel program managers leverage BoothCrawler to target the right partners for recruitment into their channel program. Since tradeshows are organized and searchable in the BoothCrawler database by industry, market sectors, and vendor specific shows channel executives are easily able to search for and recruit new channel partners from among the thousands of contacts obtained every year by the BoothCrawler staff at technology and life-science specific trade shows. Recruiting the right channel partners is essential to expanding your pipeline and having a successful channel program and BoothCrawler is the resource most trusted by technology and software vendors to find and recruit new channel partners and VAR’s.

BoothCrawler for Sales and Marketing

BoothCrawler is used for sales and marketing by customers who want to reach the top sales and marketing executives in the industry. Sales training firms, tradeshow production companies, sales outsources, lead generation companies, publishers, direct mail firms, and others will find value in the business cards contained in the BoothCrawler database.