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Each year the BoothCrawler staff attends hundreds of targeted tradeshows that focus specifically on technology and gathers business cards from the exhibitors. Our staff attends technology shows related to hardware, software, IT, cloud computing, government & defense, social networking, healthcare, and bio-tech just to name a few. The cards gathered at these shows by the BoothCrawler team are verified and then scanned into the BoothCrawler database where they can be viewed by our clients who have the option of downloading a Vcard for the contact. All the data from the cards easily exports into Excel or your CRM.

Information Contained In the BoothCrawler Database

  • Contact Name
  • Contact Company
  • Contact Title (actual title on card, not shortened titles like “VP” or exaggerated titles)
  • Contact Direct Phone
  • Contact Cell Phone
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Fax

Search Features of the BoothCrawler Database

The BoothCrawler database can be searched and sorted using any number of the following
search criteria:

  • Trade Show Name
  • Market Segment
  • Trade Show Date (When Business Card Was Acquired)
  • Geographic search
  • Country
  • State
  • Metro Area
  • Area Code
  • Zip Code
  • Company Name
  • Custom Search Criteria (Using our Search Box)

Once your search is complete you will be able to view the search results, view the actual business cards for the contacts returned in the search results, download a Vcard for selected contacts, and export the results to Excel or your CRM.