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Frequently Asked Questions

How does BoothCrawler obtain the business cards in its database?

Our staff attends tradeshows identified by our research team and suggested by our customers and simply goes around to the exhibitors and asks them for their business card.

How does BoothCrawler decide which tradeshows to attend?

Our research staff uses trade show guides, web searches, technology trade publications, and company websites.

Can customers request a trade show that is not on the target list?

Yes. In the BoothCrawler database there is a “Suggest a Conference” button where customers can suggest a conference or a list of conferences which they would like us to add to our calendar.

How many trade shows does BoothCrawler attend per year?

We expect to attend over 300 trade shows in 2013

What sort of titles are in the BoothCrawler Database?

The BoothCrawler database contains C-Level Executives, Senior Corporate Management (Such as President, Vice Presidents, Directors), Sales Titles, Marketing Titles, and Technical Titles.

Why is subscribing to the BoothCrawler Database better than buying or renting a list?

BootCrawler collects business cards from tradeshows and allows you to view an image of the actual business card for every contact contained in the database. This means that our data is more accurate than any list and since we only go to technology trade shows, it is highly focused. Our searchable database allows you to drill down and reach your exact targets. In addition to this, the contacts contained in the BoothCrawler Database contain direct contact information such as direct dial numbers, cell phone numbers, and email addresses. With lists and other services direct contact information is almost never completely provided like it is with BoothCrawler. With lists titles are often exaggerated, abbreviated, or just plain made up by the list vendor. With BoothCrawler you can see the actual title that is on the contacts actual business card.

Is there a demo of the BoothCrawler Database?

Click here and we will set up a demo for you today.

How much is does BoothCrawler cost?

Access to the BoothCrawler Database is sold on an annual subscription basis. Click here for BoothCrawler Database subscription pricing.